Frequently Asked Question

Dry cleaning is a chemical cleaning technique which uses special solvents to clean fabrics. These solvents are designed to be gentle to fabrics whilst being tough on marks and stains. Solvents are particularly effective on oily and greasy stains which normal cleaning techniques fail to shift.

Some fabrics are classified as dry clean only. These fabrics may actually be harmed by using wet cleaning techniques. For example, natural fibers like wools and silks may shrink or become discolored when they are washed in water. Dry cleaning is also effective on some types of stains which do not respond positively to warm water, including; blood, vomit, urine, and grass stains.

We are able to offer a delivery and collection service to commercial clients or any clients who have a large order. We will pick items up and return them to the location on an agreed schedule to meet your needs. Please get in contact with us to discuss a quote for delivery and collection services.

Some fabrics should not be dry cleaned, and we will always let you know if you bring in a piece which cannot be treated in this way. Our staff will always offer alternative cleaning options if you come in with a non dry clean item. Garments are hand inspected a second time before cleaning, to make sure that your clothes or fabrics will not be harmed by the dry cleaning process.

Although dry cleaning is a “chemical” cleaning method, it is safe for both you and your fabrics. Dry cleaning will not shorten the lifespan of your clothing. We use industry-approved cleaning techniques to make sure that there are no risks to our staff, our customers, our community or the environment.