Dry Cleaning

We dry clean all garments using environmentally safe dry cleaning solvents. Each garment is assessed before treatment to check for unique fabric needs. We can treat smoke, water and mold damage, as well as general stains and marks.

Laundry, Wash and Fold

Our laundry services offer standard washing and cleaning of all washable fabrics. Our laundry techniques can remove difficult stains, including grass, urine, and blood. We can also press, fold or pack fabrics upon request.

Alterations and Shoe Repair

We can make alterations and adjustments to a range of different garments such as uniforms, suits, trousers, and wedding dresses. Alterations include hemming, zippers, small holes, rips and other minor mending. Our shoe repair team can perform many necessary repairs from a simple shoe shine to sole replacement.

Wedding Dress

Whether it is getting ready for the big day or preserving it for memories, our professionals will make sure it is cleaned nothing less of perfection.

Leather and Purse Cleaning

Our leather cleaning services will clean, treat and condition authentic leather items to improve their appearance and increase longevity. Our techniques will remove tough marks and stains without affecting the quality of the leather. We can clean and repair the interior and exterior of many types of purses using non-toxic cleaning techniques. Increase the longevity of your purse or handbag using professional purse cleaning services.

Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning services can remove tough stains and marks on portable floor coverings. The techniques that we use can remove deeply embedded dirt from the rug fibers. Rug cleaning services are also ideal for floor coverings which have been damaged by mold, smoke, or water.