At PURE dry cleaners, we aim to provide every single customer with a positive experience. We are pleased to say that we have a high customer satisfaction rate due to our outstanding results. If you are looking for reviews on our service, please read through some of the fantastic testimonials which have been written by our loyal customers below:

PURE does a fantastic job to make sure the lining on my suit jacket and pants are pressed and steamed.
-Janice B.
They do a fantastic job every time to make sure the crease in my pants are sharp and without a double crease.
-Terrell S.
Every business should learn from PURE on the proper way to treat their customers.
-Victoria W.
The seamstress altered my suits so that they still fit me perfectly even with a 20lb loss!
-Charles H.
Thank you for pressing my clothes perfectly each time and making them look brand new.
-Gabriella P.
I travel almost 30 minutes each time I visit your store and I must say that every minute was well worth the travel.
-Dominic C.
Thank you for getting my wedding dress ready for my big day!
-Kayla S.
Excellent service! Excellent value! Excellent business!
-Michael B.
PURE is amazing! They removed stains that multiple cleaners could not.
-Calvin S.
Finally, a dry cleaners who does not lose my clothes and gets them back to me on time.
-Kim R.
They are true professional in the industry with excellent customer service.
-Bobby T.
This is the best dry cleaners in all of Charles County.
-Isabella L.